About Motherhood Matters

Motherhood Matters is a collaboration of small business owners who have come together to create one space for women to find education, support, self-care and community. It is our mission to create a community of women, for women, through the many stages of their lives. At Motherhood Matters, you will find a variety of resources and services, along with an extensive referral network that nurture a woman’s most authentic self through health and wellness.

Our dream is to have women truly embrace the adage “It takes a village” as we support one another through all of the celebrations and struggles that life brings. There are seasons of life that require us to be more receiving and other seasons that allow us to be more giving. As women and mothers, we so often find it difficult to allow ourselves to receive help, much less ask for it. Motherhood Matters hopes to change that and allow a safe space for us to come together as a collective and offer the things we have available to give while we receive the things we are in need of.

Our Services include

  • Prenatal (Webster Certified), Postpartum and Pediatric Chiropractic
  • Prenatal, Gentle, Ashtanga, Baby and Toddler Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Birth and Postpartum Doulas
  • Massage
  • Lactation Consultants (IBCLC)
  • Functional Movement (DNS)
  • Spinning Babies
  • Childbirth Education
  • Infrared sauna
  • Functional Nutrition and Endocrinology
  • Therapeutic Spa Services
  • Postpartum Support Group
  • Positive Birth Movement Meetings
  • Yarn Love Circle and Book Club
  • Local, congruent retail items
  • So much more to come

Connect with Motherhood Matters

Address: 2010 E 38th St, #201B, Davenport, IA 52807

Phone: (563) 200-1846

Email:  [email protected]

Sara Rausch - [email protected]

Susan McLoone - [email protected]


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