Motherhood Matters is a collaboration of independent contractors that are all individually, and as a whole, fully committed to building a better community. We offer a wide variety of non-judgmenta,l educational, functional and supportive services to promote wellbeing. Many of these services may be covered by insurance or an HSA account. We are happy to provide you with the documentation needed to submit for reimbursement.

As individuals, our community commitments range from volunteer birth doula, postpartum support group and, teaching and speaking engagements at local and global not for profit organizations. We belong to community groups, volunteer at a local food pantries, and serve as mentors through local organizations. We also participate in wellness programs for local providers. This is all done at a deeply reduced rate or FREE of charge.

As a group, Motherhood Matters supports teen parents at Mid City High School by providing a weekly class to address the challenges and anxiety of being a young parent. Motherhood Matters also donated to Kickstarter in support of the making of a documentary titled “Mother, May I”. This doc discusses and educates a birthing woman about informed consent. (Check back soon for more EXCITING info on that!)

We offer free childcare for many of our classes reducing the overall cost of participation. We have a “Tribe” board where you can post needs any offerings to share or that you may be in need of. We have a “Be The Change” box where you can drop spare change to help a woman or family in need of financial assistance.

We welcome all ideas to enhance our out-reach programs.

The BEST way to get to know us is to come in for a chat. Let’s have a cup of Teamotions, coffee, or sparkling water. We offer a FREE consultation to discuss your specific needs and how we may best serve you with the respect and dignity everyone deserves. You can find that on our website under Schedule-Appointments-Consultations.

We look forward to serving ALL families. If you BELIEVE motherhood matters, you BELONG at Motherhood Matters! 💖 💛

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