What is Intentional Movement?

Movement is vital to life! Learn to move in YOUR body to enhance YOUR life. Habitual movements throughout the day and while sleeping can create imbalances in your body. Intentional movement brings balance back and may reduce the risk of injury. Using intentional movement improves interoception, how the brain and the body communicate. This is important for homeostasis, or balance of the body’s systems. Studies show this to improve overall health, while reducing stress and inflammatory responses.

Intentional Flow

This class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of movement in a yoga flow sequence. We will slow things down, discuss anatomy and hold postures to get you to truly experience the sensations of asanas. This class is appropriate for ALL ages, genders, levels of yoga experience, and mobility.

Intentional Strength

This class is designed to safely teach you the fundamentals of stability, strength and conditioning. We will learn how to breathe correctly, connect with the core and pelvic floor, stabilize the spine appropriately, and move functionally, with or without weights. We may utilize various equipment such as barbells, kettlebells, rings, bands, boxes, etc. We also discuss how these movements relate to and can be applied to our daily lives and activities. This class is appropriate for ALL ages, genders, and levels of strength and conditioning experience.


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