Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming

For centuries older cultures have utilized steaming and cut herbs to tend the the gynecological needs of women. If is only since the 1980s that North America (outside of the Native American population) has even started to utilize this gentle practice of female healthcare.  This is not your old wives’ tale, woo woo kind of service; steam has been known for its cleansing and dilating abilities. Kim starts with an in-depth conversation prior to steaming at your first appointment, which will include your cycle, goals and health history. Very specific herbs will be selected based on the information obtained during that discussion. If you are actively trying to conceive, Kim will likely require a pregnancy test be performed to ensure it is appropriate to proceed with steaming.


Clinical Aromatherapy

Essential oils are a powerful medium to do a whole lot of healing. We can not only associate different memories or moments in our life, but also heal. Beyond this there is a chemistry component that makes essential oils powerful. Due to the over 230 hours of training, it is vital to have in-depth conversations about health history and how to appropriately select the correct essential oils to positively impact each individual body. It is important to note that essential oils are not meant to replace or be a substitute for prescribed medicine, and a part of having in-depth conversations we can work together with our healthcare practitioner to create the best opportunity for your body.

Please note that Kim will never recommend the use of essential oils directly on/in the body of a pregnant women, however they may be diffused. Kim also does not subscribe to or utilize essential oils from any MLM or Network Marketing company. however, if that is a preference, she is happy to consider working with your oils of preference if you bring them along.


Polynesian Foot Ritual Massage

 History has shown that it is an honor to have one’s feet washed. Several ancient cultures believe that one becomes more grounded and rooted through their feet. Kim loves having the opportunity to honor and recenter people with this ritual foot massage of the feet and lower legs. While having your feet honored, you will also relax with a heated flaxseed pillow around your neck, along with a gentle neck and shoulder massage with the heated pillow as you transition from the chair.

Ion Foot Detox

Ion foot detox is a different approach to helping the body detox gently! All that is required is an open mind, pants that can be rolled up to the knees and your feet. As you detox, Kim sits with you to ensure the machine works appropriately and to chat about all of the changes that are occurring in your feet and in the water. People report changes that include things like increased energy or improved sleep. For the best full body detox results, it is recommended to do one session per week for 7 weeks.


Fusion Facial Massage

This indulgent massage includes the fusion of many different mediums, such as organic, locally sourced honey, to relax your face, neck and shoulders. This service is all about relaxation and leaving behind the daily grind. Similar to facials found in high end spas, heat and cooling tools are also used to melt away tension while ushering in a sigh of relief.


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